Please read and be careful of the following conditions of sale in order to regulate and protect the use of the website and the sale of our products.

The purchase order takes place when you put the ordered products and the quantities into the shopping basket and you confirm it. A page showing an overview of your order will make you be able to see the chosen products, their price, the delivery charges and the selection of your payment method.
The customer will receive a communication about the availability of the articles and then an order confirmation by e-mail after a final choice of the articles. In case of their availability, the customer will receive a further e-mail confirming the purchase and the forward delivery, with the financial details.
In case they are not available in that moment, the customer will receive an order confirmation by e-mail with the approximate delivery dates.
It is possible to delete or edit the order on the website or by e-mail. You can do this only before receiving the order confirmation. Otherwise, if you have already received the order confirmation, you are pleased to address to the services of Right of withdrawal.

In accordance with Italian art. 64 of D.Lgs. 206/2005 the Customer as “customer” (as defined in art. 9 paragraph 7) is entitled to the customer rights under art. 130 D.Lgs. 206/2005; such rights must be exercised in accordance with art. 132 of the aforesaid D.Lgs. 206/2005.
Our company warrants the products for two years against any defects in material or workmanship. It is necessary the consumer points out the defect of the product within two months the malfunction identified.
Art. 129 of Italian Consumer Code establishes the seller who delivers goods to the consumer must be in conformity with the contract of sale.
The two-year warranty is valid not only in Italy but in every European country.
In case that the purchased product is nonconforming or defected, the customer has a two-year warranty coverage. This means the seller must repair or replace it at no charge.

As listed above, this is a two-year limited warranty from date of delivery and it is valid within two months from the problem identification. Only the valid requests for warranty service will be accomplished following the mentioned above terms.
In the event the product to be replaced is no more available, our attempt will consist on providing a new one as similar as possible to the original.
This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligent handling, misuse or lack of reasonable maintenance and care.
To retain your rights under this warranty please remember it is binding to retain your invoice. The data on the invoice determines the warranty period starting.
We will assume the costs of shipping and assembly in the case of justified warranty claims.
To exercise your warranty right, please send the defected product followed by the purchased receipt and a description of the defect to:

“ A.M.V. Racing Kart Snc di Stefanello C. & T.”
Via Pio XII, 8 – 35010 Vigonza (PD)

Consumer goods must be in conformity with the contract of sale. Goods are deemed to be in conformity with the contract if, at the moment of delivery to the consumer:
- they comply with the description given by the seller and possess the qualities of the product which the seller has held out to the consumer as a sample or model;
- they are fit for the purposes for which goods of the same type are normally used;
- they are fit for any particular purpose for which the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of conclusion of the contract, and accepted by the seller;
- their quality and performance are satisfactory, given the nature of the goods and taking into account the public statements made about them by the seller, the producer or his representative.

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 5 of Italian Law Decree no. 185/99, the Customer has the right to withdrawal from the sales agreement within 10 working days of the product purchased receipt. In this case, the Customer must send the goods within the specified time, addressing to:

“ A.M.V. Racing Kart Snc di Stefanello C. & T.”
Via Pio XII, 8 – 35010 Vigonza (PD)
Tel. 049 8935814 – Fax 049 8953787

The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal by sending a registered letter with return receipt to the company within ten working days from the reception of the items. The abovementioned communication may also be sent, within the same time-frame, by email or fax thorough registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery.
Following the Art. 5 of Italian Law Decree no. 185/99, the person has the right to withdraw from the contract if purchasing a good of € 25,80 superior amount (including taxes and additional charges) for purposes not related to his own professional activity.
For the withdrawal to be accepted:
- the product package must be returned intact and the product must be perfectly the same as it was at the delivery time. If that is not the case, the conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal shall not be met and the customer shall be returned the goods.
- the customer who wants to take advantage of this right must send a communication within 10 days from the goods reception.
The shipping costs related to the return of the item shall be charged to the customer, in compliance with the provisions of the law.
After having verified the required conditions, A.M.V. Racing Kart will communicate the ACCEPTANCE OF THE RETURNED ITEM by e-mail. The company will return the goods through postal order within 5 working days after the acceptance of the amount paid by the customer (additional charges excluded).

Concerning countries belonging to the European Community it is relevant to exhibit the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights approved on 2011. It regulates equally all the trade contracts taking place outside business premises and the online contracts within the European Community, with particular regard to e-commerce services.

You can consult the extended directive on: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?pubRef=-//EP//TEXT+TA+P7-TA-2011-0293+0+DOC+XML+V0//EN

In particular it is relevant to pay attention to the following conditions:
  1. Right of withdrawal: the consumer loses his/her right of withdrawal since the moment the downloading started in agreement with the same customer (the downloaded product can’t be returned); the merchants are bound to inform the customers of this condition before the purchase accomplishes.
  2. New right of withdrawal: the buyer who wants to take advantage of this right is not bound to change his/her idea about the purchased product within 7 days, but within 14 days (Europe). Nowadays in Italy the term consists of 10 working days.
  3. Right of withdrawal effective date: the period of 14 days (10 in Italy) to exercise this right shall begin on the moment of the customer reception of the goods. This regulation concerns purchases made: online, by telephone, mail-orders, outside shops (e.g. home shopping).

Shipments are worldwide and the related details (delivery, transport and payment) will be provided during the order process.

Please check the shipping information provided with each listing for details:

Cash on delivery: € 10.00
Delivery rate for Italy: € 10.00
Free delivery for Italian orders of € 250.00 higher amount
Worldwide shipment: MBE
Shipping charges include information about real time shipping, name provided, time and date of delivery and possible signature.
Always free packaging for any delivery.
It is possible to have a shipping insurance (up to € 1000 each box) for the whole duration of the contract. It costs € 0.50 for international deliveries.
Fuel surcharge: it is a variable percentage to add to the express and expedited shipments, not to standard one. Each month it is updated grounding in fuel price variations. This supplement refers to the monthly index price of fuel per gallon (Rotterdam ARA), as daily publicized by the American department of energy.
The supplement of the current month is available on the website www.ups.com, at the “fuel supplement” link.
Actual weight and volumetric weight:
The taxable weight is the higher parameter between the actual weight of the box and its volumetric weight. The volumetric weight determines the charge only when its calculation results to be superior than the actual weight. You can obtain the price determination of volumetric weight following this formula:

Box size: Width x Length x Height

We remind you that worldwide shipments can be subject to custom duties at destination reached. Custom policies can change depending on the country, and it is a customer responsibility to contact the Custom office for further information. You are also pleased to remember that, since you are ordering online, you are considered an importer and so you must be pursuant to the country receiving goods regulations. For further information we suggest you to consult the Custom policies.
At the delivery time the customer shall pay attention to the package integrity and in case of noticeable damages, he/she has the duty of refusing or accepting it. The customer will declare “goods received unchecked” before his/her signature. Only through this procedure, the claim to the courier responsibility will be possible.
You are then pleased to inform us at amvkart@amvkart.com to solve any issue identified.
For our shipments, a safe and efficient delivery service is guaranteed, as we address to the following couriers:

Delivery times and days are not to be intended definitive as they are tied to several conditions, such as time inconveniences or other courier unexpected commitments.
In addition, we offer the customer the possibility to address to other delivery companies he/she prefers. In this case we request to specify it when the order is taking place, and especially we ask you to provide name and details of the courier. In this circumstance it will be a carriage forward payment.


All prices include VAT and service charge.
The product availability can be checked on the website and particularly on the product details, it will be displayed at the moment of your product selection. It is suggested to always check your product availability. Delivery times are always to be intended approximate and it is not possible to guarantee their rigorous reliability.

After the customer order received, the actual availability will be communicated and you will receive the confirmation of the purchased order.


The accepted methods of payment are listed here below:
Credit card:
It is possible to pay by credit card such as Mastercard, American Express, Visa.
At the time of payment the following data will be requested: - Number of your credit card
- Security code

The invoice total will be billed to your credit card account at the time of delivery.

For safe and fast payments, European Union countries are accepted for Paypal prepaid card payments.

Bank transfer:
When ordering, the customer can choose to pay by bank transfer. It will be requested to place the customer details and the number of the order as reason for payment.
(Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, IBAN: IT88U0103012111000001803000, Swift: PASCITMMXXX)
You will receive a payment confirmation e-mail after bank transfer received.
Please be sure to pay your fee of the shipping costs when you pay in cash before delivery.

Cash on delivery:
You can pay the goods directly at the time of delivery, including the postal charges. The amount to be paid in event of cash on delivery is 5€. It is possible to carry out cash on delivery only for Italian purchasers.

"Electronic commerce indirect “B2C” (Business to Consumer), i.e. selling to "privates" Internet of material goods, is treated as a sale "mail" or "distance", for which he is expected, nationally, the exemption from the obligation of billing (Article 22, paragraph 1, No 1 of Presidential Decree 633/72), both from the certification fees (Article 2 of Presidential Decree 696/96). Outside national market exists, however, for different reasons, is obliged to charge the transaction.
Moreover, the financial administration (with a resolution of the Department of Revenue dated 20 January 1994, No. VI-12-2615) has clarified that the mail-order operations are among those in retail trade and assimilated, specified in Article 22 of Presidential Decree 633/72, for which the bill is always issued if requested by the customer. Moreover, the exemption issue a receipt or invoice does not prevent firms to issue invoice (including electronically) clearly provided that the sellers set up its bookkeeper, which will be specified in the credit notes regarding return of goods.
Nor is there duty to issue the document of transport, being worth the DPR 14 August 1996, No 472, which introduced the free movement of goods traveling to repeal the provisions concerning the obligation to issue the consignment note, as contained in Presidential Decree 6 October 1978, No 627.
Besides the already DPR 627/78 Article 4 No 1, excludes from the issuing of this document the transport of goods sold by retailers and similar subjects, which include also those who make the sales.

In the case of sales to customers equipped with VAT Registration Number apply the normal rules of invoicing in indirect e-commerce B2B (Business to Business), namely the sale of goods between businesses via the Internet, using the electronic device is only a particular mode of display of goods and collection of orders, compared to a sort of online catalog, but does not affect the general VAT rules. "


If the purchased merchandise received is damaged or defective, you are pleased to warn our company within 5 working days to the following e-mail address: amvkart@amvkart.com , or contact directly the company.
If the received package is clearly damaged, you are pleased to open it in the presence of the delivery service and you shall demand a confirmation of the encountered damages. In case of returning package, it is necessary it includes a “Return package” label.


“ A.M.V. Racing Kart Snc di Stefanello C. & T.”
Via Pio XII, 8 – 35010 Vigonza (PD)
Tel. 049 8935814 – Fax 049 8953787
Cod. Fisc. / Part. IVA / R.I. PD: IT 04306390289
e-mail: amvkart@amvkart.com
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