A.M.V. - acronym of Alluminio Magnesio Veneto, is a leader in the development, casting and CNC machining of high end performance products for Karting, especially wheels and components.

The A.M.V. company was founded in 1992 in Noale, a small city near Venice. In the years A.M.V. has been concentrating its efforts on the research into improvements in the quality of its products, in particular wheels and kart accessories. The good results obtained and the change of A.M.V. ownership has developed A.M.V. becoming A.M.V. Racing Kart and moving to the new and more modern location of Peraga di Vigonza (PD).

The quality is for A.M.V. an essential requisite in the manufacture. that the reason why all the A.M.V. wheels are produced by low pressure casting in low permanent mold using ALSI 7% SR Primary aluminium or AZ91 Magnesium always primary.
Following complete heat treatment is giving to wheels, in Aluminium and in Magnesium, the best mechanical proprieties, in order to emphasizes the resistance. The full machining is using the best and modern CNC machines and robot in order to certify the best precision in driving.
Wheels are always tested for air leaking at the end of production cycle with a 4 BAR pressure, this to guarantee the maximum reliability. All the A.M.V. wheels are available in different colours, made with anodic oxidation process and are available in a lot of different sizes.

Following to the change in ownership, A.M.V. has concentrated its efforts in the production of all the kart components in aluminum and magnesium.
A.M.V. can supply special or personalized accessories given that all the production is done in its factory.

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A.M.V. Racing Kart - Via Pio XII, 8 - 35010, Peraga di Vigonza (PD) Italy
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